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About Me

by David Feilseifer

That’s me. David Feilseifer. This is where you usually read how smart, talented, entertaining, experienced and effective the speaker is, written in the third person. Like I’m supposed to pretend I’m not here and someone else is telling you? You’re smarter than that.

Stuff you want to know. I can’t remember when I wasn’t in marketing or advertising. I’ve been on all sides of the proverbial desk…client, consultant and CEO. In fact, with 20-plus years I’ll admit to, I’ve worked for or with the government, education, healthcare, banking, software, vaporware, sales, retail,non-profits,  manufacturing, services, small business and big business.

The official story. I’m the former CEO of a national ad agency and marketing firm that I started from scratch and sold to a publicly-held company in the mid-90’s.

Lessons learned on the front lines. So when you do all that, something happens. You either go completely nuts, or you learn a lot — sometimes the hard way. In my case, it was the latter. (Although it could have gone either way for awhile.) And
that’s what I bring to my presentations. Useable information and tools that work in the real world.