How to shoot a TV commercial

Making an impactful TV commercial is all about crafting an effective and convincing message that speaks directly to the needs, desires and behaviours of the audience, ultimately encouraging them to take a specific action. This is a hard enough task on its own without adding budget, time and talent constraints into the mix.


Before you begin: Consider the following:

Before you start making your commercial, you’ll need to address a few key questions that are common—and essential—to creating any effective promotional material.


What’s the message?

Define the topic of your advertisement in detail. Is your commercial promoting your company as a whole? Is it centred on a specific product or event?

Because ads must be brief, concentrate on one theme per ad rather than trying to provide too much information at once. Create a series of advertisements that are made in the same way but each showcase a single subject if you want to market multiple items or services.


Who is your target audience?

Know your target market’s age, viewing habits, purchasing preferences, and anything else you can learn about them through thorough research. Even the best-produced ad will fail if potential buyers do not notice it, or if those who do view it are unlikely to use the service or product. Failure at this point could result in a waste of time and money.


What’s the backstory?

This is the fun part of your project: coming up with a business concept. If you’re making a

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